Blog Post 12 – 1/11/2014

Haven’t posted for a long while now, been incredibly busy with university and personal projects and have been working on my new portfolio site, , iv also started creation of my very first game, Miner Mayhem, miner mayhem is a tower defence game in which the aim of the player is to defend his base from oncoming waves of enemy units known as creeps. The game focus’ around two major mechanics, the ability to build towers around the map at the expense of a resource, these towers will attack the creep. While the other mechanic is the players ability to control a hero character to combat the creep using special abilities specific to the character. The game is won by outlasting a sufficient amount of waves, while the game is lost by the players hero base or hero being destroyed. This game will be downloadable on the android play-store in a few weeks.

Along with that ive been doing personal studies such as texture studies, Advanced modelling techniques, baking techniques, PBR texturing Techniques, portfolio techniques and also networking.

ill be posting more regularly from now on, hopefully once or twice a week.


Blog Post 11- Exercises 04/05/2014

Hey Guys

Ive been quite busy lately with my game and also my character assignment at school (ill post wips down below), ive also been starting a whole new  bunch of lessons and exercise the last few days consisting of studying anatomy, colour, composition, form, Perspective etc, ive themed this set of exercises around picture based tutorials and information ill post the one im studying at the moment down below, including todays lesson which was my first attempt at a skull, it was pretty interesting. Ive also been keeping in touch with Vadim Ugov from Bad King about the Mega Mech Brush pack ill be posting about it once its is out, heres a wip of my character and also todays lesson.Character-wip-01photo 2
photo 3

Blog Post 10- My bad ! :P 26/04/2014

Hey guys

Sorry i haven’t blogged for about a month iv been getting stuck into my studies and personal art and i have a few big announcements, first off the mech pack that i was working on a while back got featured in Bad Kings Mega Mech brush Pack which is awesome you can check it out here , its pretty cool, a brush pack for zbrush that is built by the community for the community, second off i would like to announce my very first title ive been working on called, PUG RUN, an endless runner for every pug lover, ill be showing off some art based content in the next few weeks which is exciting, we aim to release it to the app store. You can follow Pug Run on Facebook here  at our page or just search for us under Pug Run – Android Development. ive also been working on a character im doing which is an evil tree Ent check out the pictures posted below. So its been a bit busy the last month with all of that going on and also uni work, but im aiming to post more often.

Thx Again  check out WIPS of my character below

WIP_07 WIP_08 WIP_09

Blog Post 09- Hectic last few weeks 22/03/2014

Hey guys,

Sorry i haven’t posted in a while i’ve been concentrating on my design studies, i’ve recently decided that i would like to study architectural visualization to help with my game environment art and gain myself a degree in architecture, the last few weeks i’ve done nothing but design study and fundamentals, i downloaded a whole bunch of reference and tutorials on design, pre vis, and drawing and am working through those at a brisk pace. I hope to get an internship with a design firm in my city if i’m unable to get a job in game dev at a local firm indie or other.

Im also currently batch modeling mech parts for Bad Kings Mech set they are running at the moment and have until mid august to get that finished and sent of to hopefully get some of the models accepted, ill post a WIP and a link to more information on the pack below. Other than that i’ve just been busy with the finishing up of the first assessment for uni and doing studies so in other words super fun stuff haha, the environment i was doing is finished and just need to be rendered i just haven’t had time in the last few weeks so expect that to come up somewhere in the WORK section on my site sometime soon.

Badking Info Here.


Blog Post 08- The More You Do, The Better 25/02/2014

Hey Guys,

Today i worked more on my individual miniscene hopefully if all goes well ill be finishing the main chunk of the texturing for it, the Uni envir piece is almost done it just needs to be put together and finalised as far as the rubric goes, im hopefully planning to have everything i am working on right now completed before we start or major end of year assignment, Including my portfolio idea,  so that i can solely concentrate my efforts towards the main project itself, tomorrow im pitching my idea to the programming class as i want to see who is showing signs of early interest in my idea and also who is interested in using UDK  😀 , so today i basically worked on both my environment and the environment for uni as well as organise tomorrow and also managed to fit in some texture based case study, ill share my notes below.


Blog Post 07- Forever Busy Is Good 24/02/2014

Hey Guys!!

Sorry i haven’t posted in a couple of days i’ve been busy working on 2 Personal Project not including my huge Portfolio project, and also my UNI Project that is due on wednesday but im ahead of schedule so that should be totally fine, at the moment im still working on getting the textures finished for the basement environment im doing, im super close at the moment and am maybe looking to add more too it soon, im also working on my studies at the moment im going deeper and deeper in my Composition, Colour Theory, and Fundamental drawing, once ive got some time free in my schedule of projects ill be starting a 2 week Draw a pic everyday challenge for myself as the only drawing i have done daily has been generic lessons, but yeah thats it for now, just studying and working on my skills.

Blog Post 06- WORKING Working working 21/02/2014

Today was a pretty busy day, i started the day early at about 8:30am and started working on my personal mini scene, then i had a break for lunch, ( may have played some borderlands haha) and then jumped back into work on first my school project and after that my personal ultra cool portfolio idea project and made really good progress on that today, got a lot further and a lot more done then i thought i was going to today, so that was my day of work today, tomorrow i want to and also need to concentrate on working on my school work for uni and then if i get some time in the evening ill be working on my portfolio idea with Darcy Abell a programmer from my Uni, so exciting stuff to hit the web site in the next few weeks, Stay tuned.

Heres the wips for my personal mini scene im working on: