Blog Post 08- The More You Do, The Better 25/02/2014

Hey Guys,

Today i worked more on my individual miniscene hopefully if all goes well ill be finishing the main chunk of the texturing for it, the Uni envir piece is almost done it just needs to be put together and finalised as far as the rubric goes, im hopefully planning to have everything i am working on right now completed before we start or major end of year assignment, Including my portfolio idea,  so that i can solely concentrate my efforts towards the main project itself, tomorrow im pitching my idea to the programming class as i want to see who is showing signs of early interest in my idea and also who is interested in using UDK  😀 , so today i basically worked on both my environment and the environment for uni as well as organise tomorrow and also managed to fit in some texture based case study, ill share my notes below.



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