Blog Post 09- Hectic last few weeks 22/03/2014

Hey guys,

Sorry i haven’t posted in a while i’ve been concentrating on my design studies, i’ve recently decided that i would like to study architectural visualization to help with my game environment art and gain myself a degree in architecture, the last few weeks i’ve done nothing but design study and fundamentals, i downloaded a whole bunch of reference and tutorials on design, pre vis, and drawing and am working through those at a brisk pace. I hope to get an internship with a design firm in my city if i’m unable to get a job in game dev at a local firm indie or other.

Im also currently batch modeling mech parts for Bad Kings Mech set they are running at the moment and have until mid august to get that finished and sent of to hopefully get some of the models accepted, ill post a WIP and a link to more information on the pack below. Other than that i’ve just been busy with the finishing up of the first assessment for uni and doing studies so in other words super fun stuff haha, the environment i was doing is finished and just need to be rendered i just haven’t had time in the last few weeks so expect that to come up somewhere in the WORK section on my site sometime soon.

Badking Info Here.



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