Blog Post 10- My bad ! :P 26/04/2014

Hey guys

Sorry i haven’t blogged for about a month iv been getting stuck into my studies and personal art and i have a few big announcements, first off the mech pack that i was working on a while back got featured in Bad Kings Mega Mech brush Pack which is awesome you can check it out here , its pretty cool, a brush pack for zbrush that is built by the community for the community, second off i would like to announce my very first title ive been working on called, PUG RUN, an endless runner for every pug lover, ill be showing off some art based content in the next few weeks which is exciting, we aim to release it to the app store. You can follow Pug Run on Facebook here  at our page or just search for us under Pug Run – Android Development. ive also been working on a character im doing which is an evil tree Ent check out the pictures posted below. So its been a bit busy the last month with all of that going on and also uni work, but im aiming to post more often.

Thx Again  check out WIPS of my character below

WIP_07 WIP_08 WIP_09


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