Blog Post 12 – 1/11/2014

Haven’t posted for a long while now, been incredibly busy with university and personal projects and have been working on my new portfolio site, , iv also started creation of my very first game, Miner Mayhem, miner mayhem is a tower defence game in which the aim of the player is to defend his base from oncoming waves of enemy units known as creeps. The game focus’ around two major mechanics, the ability to build towers around the map at the expense of a resource, these towers will attack the creep. While the other mechanic is the players ability to control a hero character to combat the creep using special abilities specific to the character. The game is won by outlasting a sufficient amount of waves, while the game is lost by the players hero base or hero being destroyed. This game will be downloadable on the android play-store in a few weeks.

Along with that ive been doing personal studies such as texture studies, Advanced modelling techniques, baking techniques, PBR texturing Techniques, portfolio techniques and also networking.

ill be posting more regularly from now on, hopefully once or twice a week.


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