Blog Post 05- AMAZING IDEA BREAK THROUGH!!!! 20/02/2014

hey guys,

Had the most amazing idea come to me this morning to make my portfolio that much more awesome, there will be big changes heading to Jester Brat Art in the next few weeks, more apparent changes then ever, it will make the experience so much more awesome, im super excited and ready to begin working on my idea, i cant say too much right now but what i can say is that its going to be AWESOME!!!! but also quite time consuming so just be patient, haha.


Blog Post 04- Still Working on stuff 19/02/2014

hey guys, didn’t post yesterday as i was working on the project for Uni, which Im still working on, with also doing personal projects and environments along with thinking about and beginning Pre Production on my final assessment, pheew, so working like crazy and keeping busy, ill start to post some WIP’s later in the week heading towards it being finished.

Blog Post 03- Texture Madness 17/02/2014

Well today was a big day, i worked basically 9 to 10 hours on painting the ground texture for the environment im working on for uni, i purposely spent this long as i want this texture to be materially definitive, i started put painting blue stone then ran with sand stone, so using photoshops editing layers i was able to get a sand stone look but it took a long time to finally get to a point i was happy with, tomorrow ill be starting on the walls and planning the other assets, i work from the ground up, so i wanted to ensure the materials as far as color composition went where bang on 100% or closest too. Heres the difference or what i started with and ended with, tweaking and changes are still being made.Texture_WIP

Blog Post 02- Todays Events 16/02/2014

Hey guys today i woke up a bit late being so tired from yesterdays Pause fest events in melbourne but i still got some work done for uni, i jumped on my teams trello board and sore what needs to be done i tackled the first asset of my list which was the floors the environment we are working on at the moment, its a stylized roman bath house, i got the sculpt completed and am now just baking it out ill texture it tomorrow and probably have it up in the tileable textures section early this week, ill move onto working on my own mini scene  im working on at the moment, its a basement to an old pub, stylized and hand painted of course hahaha, so thats the work ive attempted today. thanks for reading, ill post an image below of the floor sculpt.


Blog Post 01- Hey There 15/02/2014

I see you’ve found your way to my blog page here is where ill be starting to blog about my art and my journey into the game development industry, Starting today. Im currently in my second year at Melbourne AIE in Australia and am finding the course challenging but thats what is interesting me, i love what i’ve been doing and love what i aspire to do. Today i went to the pause festival in Melbourne which is an Event run by The Loop to encourage digital media artists to meet each other and mingle, i had an amazing time at the three master classes, which were more like meet and greets really but met a whole bunch of awesome people. so to keep it short expect art WIP’s and inspiration and things like that around this more laid back area of my site.